Foundation as a learning Institute for junior and senior high school students.


As per the student’s parents request, a University re-enrollment support course for working adults is held in the same Institute.

  • In the same year, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology promoted recurrent Education for working adults against the backdrop of “University Reform” as part of Koizumi reform.
  • MBA, Clinical Psychology, Law School, Undergraduate School of Medicine, entrance exam for adults, so-called adult professional graduate school, graduate school approval rush
    Established Seiko Transfer School in Kita-ku, Osaka, which specializes in re-enrollment of working adults at universities and graduate schools.

Outsourcing education programs, mainly remedial education, to school corporations.

  • Establishment of a third-party evaluation division for school reform.
  • tart of consulting services as an external organisation leading the promotion of school corporation reform projects for the new era.
  • Expansion of school reform consultancy services business.
  • Start of consultancy services for the establishment of integrated middle and high schools, the division of roles between universities and high schools, and quality assurance and exit strategies for university education.
  • Start of consultancy services for the division of roles between universities and graduate schools, and quality assurance and exit strategies for postgraduate education.
  • The transition to a six-year pharmacy school system and the abolition of the four-year pharmacy school system due to the revision of the Pharmaceutical Act and the School Education Act led to the cancellation of the transfer examination system and the admission system for working adults in the pharmacy school system, resulting in prolonged confusion in the entrance examination system as well as in the academic promotion system, retention rules, graduation recognition system and national examinations during the transition period until the completion of the six-year school system.
  • The Kansai Branch of the Tohoku University Alumni Association was established on the occasion of Tohoku University’s centenary commemorative events, with President Inoue, who is from the Kansai region and a director of the University Corporation, as well as Dr Sugiyama, former vice president of Matsushita Electric Industrial Company (Panasonic), Dr Nishizawa, a semiconductor expert, and others, as the Kansai Branch President.
  • Tohoku University Special Event

Seiko Education Research Institute Co., Ltd. established as a Corporation

  • In response to the rapid increase in the number of students requiring external support for these various problems in pharmacy, a special department was set up to solve all problems that may arise in pharmacy school life, from the ‘entrance examination system’ to ‘remedial education’, ‘progression exams’ and ‘national exams’.
  • Subsequently, student needs shifted from admissions to on-campus support, particularly for medical, dental, pharmacy and veterinary students Mobilitation of veteran specialist faculty members, including current and former university teachers and professors, through the personal connections of the president, who was the head of the Kansai Branch at the centenary of Tohoku University’s establishment.
  • Formed ‘Education Reform Project’ unit for national, public and private school corporations.
  • The company launched a demonstration test of an automated test marking system, conceived by the president, who belonged to ISTU at Tohoku University, which at the time was researching an internet-based class delivery system that was a pioneer in Japan.
  • Started demonstration experiments with fellow international students and researchers at the time, using current affairs in international affairs as content.

Discussions begin with Western news agencies, IT engineers and others on international situation tests using automated scoring systems.


Prototype of an automated grading system is completed and demonstration tests are launched in schools and companies.


Establishment of a representative office in France to gather a wide range of knowledge on the nature of international affairs education and the nature of international affairs testing as higher education.
Started in earnest.

  • Moved to current location in Chuo-ku, Osaka, due to business expansion.
  • Research department established as part of future expansion of educational resources

Research into new ways of teaching distance learning in the 5G era is being initiated by bringing almost all classes online with Covid-19.

  • Formed a multinational team bringing together the skills of experts from different countries.
  • Start of empirical research into the establishment of a new educational infrastructure system.
  • Establishment of a department for the development of various IT solutions that effectively combine internet-based systems, websites and social networking services.
  • Research and development of new IT platforms in all fields of education, press, research, public relations and municipal services with a view to the future, starting with joint development research with young European technicians.